Shutshimi is a cute-’em-up about a muscular fish

Rapid rounds

Strong-armed fish crack me up, so I had to give this game a look. It’s a cute-’em-up in which levels last around 10 seconds or so, “then the player has ten seconds to pick a power-up from the shop for the next round.” Except some aren’t actually helpful, and there’s over 50 of them in total. You’ll pick between three random power-ups at a time. Try not to panic.

Shutshimi is the result of a game jam, but developer Neon Deity Games expanded its scope to include things like better sprites, more songs and enemies, and two- to four-player local co-op.

It’s releasing Tuesday, August 25 for PS4, PS Vita, and Steam. PSN has Cross-Buy.

Shutshimi Coming to PS4, PS Vita August 25th [PlayStation Blog]

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