Showdown is Shovel Knight’s final DLC

Wii U’s final game, too!

Yacht Club Games has announced that one final game will be coming to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Dubbed Showdown, the game is a competitive multiplayer brawler that lets players pick their favorite characters from Shovel Knight and smack each other around. Better still, it will be free to owners of Treasure Trove.

Taking inspiration from the Smash Bros. series, it looks like a real hoot. In addition to four-player battles, there is also a story mode set to appear. The game will be limited to local multiplayer only but is coming to the PC and console versions of Shovel Knight. The Vita and 3DS ports will not be getting multiplayer love for technological reasons.

If you aren’t big on Shovel Knight, but really want some multiplayer mayhem, Showdown will be available as a standalone game at release. No details on standalone pricing were given, but the game appears to be much more than a throwaway extra. With eight characters already revealed and more to likely appear, this could end up being the standout game of the entire Shovel Knight series.

Shovel Knight Showdown [Yacht Club Games]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.