Show your ninja skills to win a DS Lite and N+

Lorks-a-lordy, it’s contest time here on Destructoid yet again, and we have yet another console giveaway in exchange for your soul. Everybody knows that Destructoid’s community is made up of highly trained ninja, and that means that Dtoid and Rocket XL are prepared to give a DS Lite and a copy of N+ to whomever shows us that their ninja skills are the both the skilliest, and most ninjastic of all. First up, here’s what’s up for grabs:

1st Prize: DS Lite, one copy of N+ and N+ swag.

1 Runner Up: One copy of N+ and N+ swag.

As always I want some legwork if you want the goods. All you have to do is post a comment to this article with proof of your ninja skills. Yes, that sounds very vague, but if you’re a good enough ninja, you will know that any mission can be decoded from the most obscure orders. You can provide a photo, link to a video or a signed letter of approval from Itagaki himself — just prove to me that you are a true ninja, and the N+ stuff can be yours. 

You have a month to do this thing, so the contest will end at midnight (EST) on September 28. As with most of our major giveaways, Destructoid will arrange it on our end and make this a worldwide contest. One entry per poster, all photos must have the subject holding an “Also Cocks” sign to prove they’re genuine and be aware that with many of our community members at PAX, this is a great opportunity to get a headstart. GO NINJA!

James Stephanie Sterling