Show, or tell us about your Stardew Valley farm

Either one

It took me a while to get into Stardew Valley.

When the original PC release came out, I was incredibly busy with review work, and was really grateful that Patrick was able to knock our coverage out of the park with his assessment. Not a whole lot more needed to be said after that, but slowly (and surely), sole developer Concerned Ape was hard at work with many quality of life updates that incrementally improved the game.

So when the console edition hit late last year with all those tweaks, it was pretty much the perfect time for me to dive in. My wife and I spent most of our winter break consumed with it, playing two games side by side, comparing and contrasting our choices. As for myself, I chose to side with the JojaMart. It was only two weeks later that I recalled the intro to the game in which the player is working a miserable dead-end office job at the very same place, but buying all of the town upgrades instead of hunting for bundles was just so convenient (I’ve since created a new file and the bundles aren’t that bad). Plus, in the end, it didn’t really bring ruin to Stardew Valley like I thought it would, and I have Junimos inhabiting my farm regardless. Win-win!

I’m currently in year three right now, and as you can see from my farm below, it’s a work in progress. I made most of my near two million fortune with mining, and I’m only just now expanding into a crop-based empire so I can buy all those wonderful $1-2 million toys. While the image doesn’t show it, I managed to hit four flames on my end of year two assessment though, which I consider a win. Oh, and I married Abigail for her gaming console.

Feel free to show us your progress as well! If you’re on PC you can use this handy import tool, you can take a crude screenshot of your console farm with your phone, or just describe your farm to us in any way you see fit.

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