Show off your Street Fighter IV skills with Dtoid at Community Vibes

Gamertag Radio is one of few other Miami-based compadres we have nearby when it comes to our love of gaming, and we’re proud to announce that we will be taking part in their upcoming Community Vibes event. Held on Saturday, February 21st at Club Ecco here in Miami, the event celebrates Gamertag’s fourth year and will feature tons of gaming and music as well as a slew of consoles and games being given away as prizes.

So how is Dtoid involved? We’re holding a Street Fighter IV ladder tournament at the event that is free to enter. We’re taking on 50 people and giving away $200 worth of prizes, and we expect it to be sick fun — after all, you saw what our last event was like. Come out and bring your friends, but come early if you want to get in on the tournament — if it’s anything like the Miami NARP, those slots will go fast!

New Year celebrations were the opening act in comparison to Gamertag Radio’s “Community Vibes IV”. 2009 is a year of new energy and Gamertag Radio is turning it all the way up at this event! Coming off the success of “Community Vib3s 3”, “Community Vibes IV” will be a gaming party of immense proportions and tremendous impact.

“Community Vibes IV” will bring to you a fusion of gaming and music. Expect numerous prizes, such as an Xbox Elite, Zune and games handed out every hour; open gaming sessions and participation in Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 tournaments hosted by SFX360 & GameWars; musical performances by Mayday! and more!

WHAT: “Community Vibes IV”
WHEN: Saturday, February 21th, 2009
WHERE: Club Ecco: 168 SE 1st St. Unit 1A, Miami, FL 33131
WHO: and You
COST TO ENTER: None, zip, zero!

This event will mark the pinnacle of a 4 year long effort of the staff at Gamertag Radio. Gamertag Radio, where you always get the latest gaming news, reviews, interviews and much more. For more information about Community Vibes and if you are interested in sponsoring or participating at the event, please contact Danny ‘Godfree’ Pena [email protected]

About Gamertag Radio:

Gamertag Radio (GTR) is an online radio show dedicated to the Xbox Live community and intended to help unite all online gamers. Over the past few years GTR has grown from a small website to one of the biggest & most respected gaming information sites on the Internet. The show features a new episode every week hosted by Godfree (Founder of Gamertag Radio). Members of the staff that appear regularly on the show include Miss Irie, JVB, Baked Ant & Peterocc along with other members such as Paustinj, LadyLuck, and Anjo Banjo that all share the same passion for games.

Every week a new episode is created recapping the news of the past week and includes discussions about what is happening in the online gaming community along with interviews and a weekly custom soundtrack highlighting up & coming Hip Hop artists.

GTR regularly reviews new games, discusses new downloadable content, talks about new upcoming games, while attempting to shine some light on the Xbox Live Gamers themselves who contribute a lot to the gaming community. GTR has had the opportunity to interview many of the biggest names in the Xbox Community such as Peter Moore (Head of EA Sports Gaming), Cliff Bleszinski (Lead designer of Gears of Wars), the staff of, Major Nelson (the Director of Programming for Xbox Live) and many more.

Colette Bennett