Show off how sad AND retro you are with today’s Woot shirt

Tonight’s Woot shirt is a sad story of 8-bit heartbreak. Love is a battlefield, but it’s worth the scars even in the face of pew pew pew destruction. Love is all about going beyond the impossible and kicking reason to the curb!

Also, love is all about 80s love songs apparently. I never noticed that Woot has some super crazy descriptions for their products: 

You probably think of us as naked babies flying around on flouncy little angel wings, pulling back the strings on our bows and gently lofting arrows with heart-shaped arrowheads. But that’s not today’s Cupid Force. To overcome modern levels of apathy and isolation, we utilize only the latest, most advanced infatuation technology. From the the Sex Bomb to Love Missile F1-11, Cupid Force delivers the devastating ordnance that makes love possible in the 21st century and beyond.

That just happened. As always, the Woot shirt of the day is going for just $10.00 with free standard shipping. Get it before they run out!

Hamza Aziz