Shovel Knight cheats add in Mega Man X style wall jump

Officially sanctioned cheats!

Shovel Knight is one of those games that you can keep going back to because there’s always something hidden under its surface. It has that old school vibe for sure, a deliberate design decision from the folks over at Yacht Club Games. That’s especially evident based on their love for cheat codes, which are now supported even in individual expansions for Shovel Knight.

The developer has revealed that Specter of Torment has a secret wall jump feature, complete with a blue or red skin tint. This is a clear homage to Mega Man X, or more specifically the Mega Man Xtreme subseries, with the blue and red skins mirroring X and Zero.

For all their wonkiness and translation issues (kekeke) I loved playing through the pair of Xtreme games, even if they paled in comparison to the X series proper. Then again, most platformers still do!

Blue wall jump code: C&MVRKHNT

Red wall jump code: S&CBHR

Yacht Club Games [Twitter]

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