Shovel Knight and Brutal Legend are in the latest Runner3 trailer

Charles Martinet, too!

Commander Video is back…almost. Runner3 is less than a month away from its May 22 launch on PC and Switch. (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are coming “soon after.”) Hence, we have a new trailer to show off some of the game’s nonstop left-to-rightness. The visual direction is a striking evolution, especially when compared to the look of 2013’s Runner2.

The last few seconds of the trailer are some of the most exciting, though. There, we see a cameo cookout whose guests include Shovel Knight, Brutal Legend‘s Eddie Riggs, and a cartoonization of Charles Martinet who is best known as the voice of Mario.

Some of this is less of a surprise and more of a confirmation. Holmes did some wacky reporting at PAX East to discover that Shovel Knight and Martinet would be playable characters. The Riggs thing seems new though, and it’s perfectly welcome. We need more Brutal Legend. Unless I’m mistaken, all we have is the game and that time Eddie roadied for Dethklok.

Brett Makedonski
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