Should you play Hogwarts Legacy with a controller or a mouse and keyboard?

hogwarts legacy keyboard and mouse or controller

Keyboard & mouse, or controller. Which is better for Hogwarts Legacy?

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For those of you deciding whether to play Hogwarts Legacy using either a keyboard or a controller, you’ve likely had a few questions, such as how will it impact the combat, flight, or other gameplay mechanics integral to the broader Wizarding World experience. The good news right off the bat is that there really is no obvious difference. Setting aside any PC vs console debate, there are no obvious pros or cons involved. It’s simply a matter of customizing the game to your personal preferences.

For instance, in my playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, I have alternated at times between using a mouse and keyboard and an Xbox wireless controller. The game’s controls seemed perfectly well-fitted for either setup. Given that the player can only equip a finite number of spells in their loadout at any given time, and the number of other required of inputs is fairly minimal, you don’t have to worry about the same controller button being tied to a dozen or more actions, as is sometimes the case with other more demanding RPGs.

Picking out what’s best for you

The more important question that you, as a player, will have to answer is, which feels better to you? Hogwarts Legacy is no Dark Souls. It won’t punish you with immediate death or severe injury for every mistake made. While challenging, it is a more forgiving experience. So you won’t have to worry about coordinating your control scheme down to the last button for optimal configuration as if your life depended on it. You can approach Hogwarts Legacy as you would any other typical AAA RPG game.

It is even quite easy on PC to adjust your look and aiming sensitivity, on your Settings page, to more closely resemble the smooth, slower turns normally associated with console controls. As is the case with most other design aspects involved in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s not necessarily about rewarding or punishing the player for their gameplay choices, but more so about stepping back and giving them the tools and freedom to make those appropriate choices for themselves. So whichever setup you prefer, feel free to go ahead and make the most of it. The mysteries that lie behind the iron gates and stone walls of Hogwarts await you.

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