Should you help Ackley Barnes in Hogwarts Legacy?

It doesn’t really matter, but there are two ways to finish the quest

It’s important to remember that Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have a morality system, and there is no “renegade/paragon” type mechanic keeping track of any of your choices. That should help make the decision to help Ackley Barnes easier when you come across him and his quest “Venomous Revenge,” but you do have a few options in terms of finishing up the errand.

The standard quest path involves stealing a Venomous Tentacula from another person

This quest will open up after you finish The Helm of Urtkot main storyline mission.

Again, there are no moral obligations to uphold in Hogwarts Legacy, so if you choose to enter the cellar of Barnes’ ex-business-partner Alfred Lawley and steal his Venomous Tentacula, nothing bad will happen to you. Just walk into the marked cellar, sneak around with Disillusionment (invisibility), cast Alohomora on a lock, collect the Venomous Tentacula (which is obvious and marked by both Revelio and the quest itself), and return to Ackley Barnes.

We tested out both dialogue options via a save file, and like almost every similar end-of-quest conversation, asking for more money will give you more:

  • If you say you’re happy to get rid of it, you’ll get the standard fee of 300 gold/Galleons
  • If you ask for more money, you’ll get 500 gold/Galleons

If you refuse (say it makes you uncomfortable when meeting Barnes), you can just get Ackley Barnes his own Venemous Tentacula

When you take on the quest initially, you can refuse to take part in the act of Venomous Tentacula larceny. Tell Barnes it “makes you uncomfortable.”

In that case, you can get Ackley Barnes a consolation prize of his own Venomous Tentacula by either growing it yourself, or buying one from Dogweed & Deathcap.

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