Should you get Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on Switch? Take this quiz and find out

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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, the first game in the series designed for HD displays, was also the first game in the series to remain unreleased on a Nintendo portable console. That changes today, as the game is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re new to the Shantae games, Half-Genie hero is a great place to start. No prior experience is necessary to understand or enjoy the story, as Half-Genie Hero works as both a prequel and a soft reboot for the series. As for new content on Switch, there isn’t much to talk about. The main addition is HD Rumble, with over 100 unique HD Rumble events added across the game from start to finish. I haven’t seen and felt them all yet, but as a minor league HD Rumble fan, I can tell you that so far, they are… OK! That said, my real hope is that the Switch-themed outfit Shantae is wearing in the art above is in the game somewhere, but so far so bad. 

So should you buy Shantae: Half-Genie Hero? Like with our Disgaea 5 quiz, definitely read the review before making that decision, but if you’re still on the fence, take the test below and see what you think. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers here, at least for you. The only one who has anything to lose here are the folks at WayForward, who are surely nervous as heck about your test results. Let’s hope for your sake and theirs that you score big! 

1) Do you already have Shantae: Half-Genie Hero?

YES ~ 0              NO ~ 0 & Go to question 5

2) Do you want to play it again on a portable?

YES ~ +50          NO ~ -50

3) Do you love HD Rumble?

YES ~ +25          NO ~ 0

4) No, I’m serious. Are you literally in love with HD Rumble?

YES ~ +25           NO ~ GROSS

If answered “YES” to question 1, END QUIZ go to SCORING below


5) Do you love 2D adventure-platformers where the combat revolves around zoning and spacing against enemies, while the exploration centers on backtracking to old areas with newfound abilities to discover secrets and fun?

YES ~ +100          NO ~ -100

6) Do like cartoons that fit somewhere in between the styles of Disney’s Aladdin and Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans Go?

YES ~ +50             NO ~ -50

7) Do you like the music of Jake ‘Virt’ Kaufman, composer of Shovel Knight and just about every other WayForward game?

YES ~ +50             NO ~ -50

8) Do care about HD Rumble? 

YES ~ +25            NO ~ -0

9) Do you care about new Switch-exclusive features and content that aren’t HD Rumble?

YES ~ -25               NO ~ -0

10) Do you love 2D animation as an artform?

YES ~ +25             NO ~ 0

11) Do like the “2D drawings on top of polygonal backgrounds” art style?

YES ~ +25           NO ~ -25

12) Does the occasional cheap death with distant checkpoints really grind your gears?

YES ~ -25            NO ~ 0

13) Do you like “the boom anime babes that make you think the wrong thing“?

YES ~ +25           NO ~ -25

14) Do you like it when games get new playable characters and other updates for free even if it is months, or even years, after they were first released?

YES ~ +25          NO ~ I AM A JERK





0 or less: Surprise! Don’t buy it.

0-49: If you have to choose between death and buying this game, buy the game I guess.

50-99: If you are bored, rich, and are ready to buy a game that you’ll probably never finish, then go for it. 

100-149: Pick it up if you can afford it right now. If not, wait for a sale. Just don’t let all the other games coming out between now and then distract you in the meantime. 

150-200: Get it. You’ll get your money’s worth at full price.

200 or more: You’re going to love this thing HARD.

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