Should you get Disgaea 5 Complete on Switch? Take this quiz and find out

A review where you choose the score

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Disgaea 5 Complete is a Switch port of the original PS4 game, with all of its relatively pricey DLC included. This the first Disgaea game to hit a Nintendo console since Disgaea DS in 2008, giving Nintendo loyalists plenty of reason to be hungry for the unique blend of sacrilegious storytelling and turn-based action that the series is known for. Being the home to Fire Emblem, arguably the most popular Strategy JRPG series in the world right now, also helps to make Nintendo consoles particularly fertile ground for something like Disgaea. That’s probably why game has already topped 110,000 pre-orders.

There are no Switch-exclusive features to add to the discussion, but the port is clean and glitch free, so if you’re thinking about getting Disgaea 5 Complete when it’s released on May 23rd, start with our original review of the game to learn more. If you’re still not sure what to do after that, we’ve provided a handy quiz below that should help you to decide, but make sure to have calculator of pencil and paper handy.

Numbers ahoy!


1) Do you already have Disgaea 5?

YES ~ 0              NO ~ 0 & Go to question 4

2) Do you have all its DLC?

YES ~ -25          NO ~ +25

3) Do you want to play it again on a portable?

YES ~ +25          NO ~ -25

If answered “YES” to question 1, END QUIZ go to SCORING below


4) Do you love Turn-based Strategy JRPGs?

YES ~ +50          NO ~ -50

5) Do like weird action comedy drama anime about sexy demons who hang out with cute mythical talking animals?

YES ~ +25             NO ~ -25

6) Do you like cut scenes with tons of spoke dialogue and static characters?

YES ~ +25             NO ~ -25

7) Do you have time in your life for a giant time sink?

YES ~ +25             NO -25

8) Do you care about new Switch exclusive features and content?

Yes ~ -20               NO ~ -0

9) Do you love giant collect-a-thons?

YES ~ +20             NO ~ 0

10) Do like the “2D drawings on top of polygonal backgrounds” art style?

YES ~ +20           NO – 20





0 or less: Surprise! Don’t buy it.

0-24: If you have to choose between death and buying this game, buy the game I guess.

25-49: If you are bored, rich, and are ready to buy a game that you’ll probably never finish, then go for it. 

50-74: Pick it up if you can afford it right now. If not, wait for a sale. Just don’t forget about it in the meantime. 

75-99: Get it. You’ll get your money’s worth at full price.

100 or more: You should get the limited edition while you can. You’re going to love this thing HARD.

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