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Should you buy Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition?

Is it worth the extra $10?

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Diablo 4 is out in the summer of May 2023, and you may be wondering which edition is the best one for you: especially since the Ultimate Edition has somewhat ambiguous wording about what exactly comes with it. Thankfully, we were able to figure out what exactly comes with the most expensive version of the game, and have answered the one question you probably have. Should you buy Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition?

Do the contents of the other editions come with the Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition?

In short, all of the contents of the Standard and Deluxe editions come with this version of the game. You of course get a copy of the game with all of the editions. The deluxe edition extras include a mount and a set of cosmetic mount armor. You also receive four days early access to the game; meaning you can start playing on June 1 or June 2 depending on your location. You will also receive a few bonus items in Diablo 3, World of Warcraft and Diablo Immortal if you have them as long as you purchase any edition of the game. If you pre-ordered you will receive a mount and mount armor cosmetic for Diablo 4.

Finally, you will receive an unlock for the Premium Seasonal Battle Pass. Each season will come with a free and premium track that will unlock cosmetic rewards as you progress on the pass. With this unlock you will be able to activate the premium track instead of paying $10 to unlock it.

What is exclusive to the Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition?

There are essentially two exclusive items if you choose to get the Ultimate Edition of the game. First is the Wings of the Creator emote. When you use this emote in-game your character will get bright angel Tyrael-like wings and slowly levitate into the air. It is a pretty cool looking emote, and definitely the best-looking one we’ve seen yet. Then again, we probably haven’t seen most of the emotes you can get in the game either via progression through the game or in the battle pass.

You also will receive an accelerated unlock for the battle pass which will skip 20 tiers on the battle pass right from the start. The price for the accelerated unlock by itself is $25.

Full contents of the Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition

So let’s summarize everything that you will get if you pre-order the Ultimate Edition of the game.

  • Diablo 4 for Batlte.net
  • Light-Bearer Mount (Pre-Purchase Bonus Item)
  • Caparison of Faith Mount Armor (Pre-Purchase Bonus Item)
  • Four Days Early Access to Diablo IV (Pre-Purchase Bonus Item)
  • Diablo 3 Inarius Wings & Inarius Murloc Pet
  • World of Warcraft Amalgam of Rage Mount
  • Diablo Immortal Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set
  • Temptation Mount
  • Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor
  • Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock (20 Tier Skips and cosmetic for the Premium Battle Pass)
  • Wings of the Creator Emote

So should you buy Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition?

Unless you feel like the Wings of the Creator emote alone is worth $10, it’s hard to recommend this one. In my opinion, accelerating the battle pass and skipping the first 20 tiers is removing gameplay, if anything. However, it has been confirmed the battle pass will take roughly 80 hours to fully complete. If you aren’t planning on putting 80 hours into the game you probably aren’t considering the Ultimate Edition anyway. That being said, until we see exactly how the battle pass is progressed the argument can be made that the 20-tier skip may be more worthwhile if you can skip some of the more monotonous tasks required to complete the pass.

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