Should it burn when you pee? Asking for my sims

I pissed into a burning ring of fire

If your bodily excretory functions are a sin, The Sims 4 opened up a fiery portal to hell.

The Sims 4 has a fun new bug where sims piss and the toilet is ablaze. This underworld urinary tract inferno came courtesy of the new update ahead of today’s Eco Lifestyle expansion pack. As Rock Paper Shotgun notes, The Sims is especially prone to weird update-related bugs because of all the mods players generally have installed. It’s basically impossible to QA test for a bajillion different third-party mods.

Sims have a good piss stance — nice back arch as if to groan “Ahhh, that piss really hits the spot!” It’d be slightly more realistic if they had a drunken bar lean, one hand on the wall while they read about DUI lawyers. But, I suppose that’s how you singe your pubes in Sims 4.

The Sims 4 update has a bug that makes sims pee fire [Rock Paper Shotgun]

Brett Makedonski
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