Should I restart Destiny 2: Lightfall or stay in the queue?

Stay in if you’re able

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Destiny 2: Lightfall is live today, and with it, comes queues and login issues! While the prior Witch Queen expansion was relatively stable, Lightfall is having queue problems slightly into its 12PM ET February 28, 2023 launch. Here’s a quick overview of what’s happening, and what to do.

Should you stay at the throttle screen?

Some big-time Twitch streamers (like KingGothalion) still weren’t in roughly 30 minutes after the official launch of the expansion. Here is what a lot of the playerbase is seeing right now when attempting to log into Destiny 2: Lightfall:

“Due to increased traffic, login services to Destiny 2 are currently being throttled. Please stay on this screen until login services stabilize and you are logged into Destiny 2.”

If you’re on this screen, that’s actually a good thing! It means you’re ready to go once things have stabilized, and you’ll be let directly into the expansion (followed by a cutscene and the character select screen).

In our experience, you should stay in the queue. We’ve seen all sorts of anecdotical evidence of success stories from folks quitting the game and logging back in, but based on our tests, we were able to log in at 12:40PM ET, roughly 40 minutes into the expansion’s launch.

Also remember that Xbox players might need to do a few workarounds to get the game up and running! With these two tips in tow, hopefully you’re able to get into Lightfall today.

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