Shoot anime girls in their underwear in Gun Gun Pixies

Locked, cocked and loaded

I recently moved back home with my parents and, for the last week and a half, have been making due without internet access in the house because they’re old and live in the sticks. The only access I have is one spot outside of town where my phone gets reception, the weak wifi from a neighboring building, and the Starbucks 12 miles away I am currently sitting in, writing to tell you about a game where you play as a pixie shooting underwear-clad girls.

Yes, this game is that important to me.

It’s called Gun Gun Pixies and it’s from Compile Heart and Shade. The PlayStation Vita shooter is due out in Japan next year. The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has a few details on the 3rd person shooter, including the fact girls’ underwear will change on a daily basis, there is costume destruction, and you have to work your way around the environment without being seen, otherwise it’s game over.

It’s like a slightly less sexy version of Chibi-Robo. So far, there is no word on a western release, however with the Idea Factory International press event taking place this week, I’m holding onto hope.

Gun Gun Pixies first details from Dengeki PlayStation [Gematsu]

CJ Andriessen
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