Shoot 1UP dev announces Rage Against Charlie Sheen

Mommy’s Best Games, best known for Weapon of Choice and Shoot 1UP, has announced its latest upcoming game. Rage Against Charlie Sheen is a thrilling new fighting game in which players can use their Xbox Avatars to personally give Sheen a smack in the face. Just like you always wanted!

Rage Against Charlie Sheen is a ludicrous new competitive fighter in which players can use their avatars to kick the smirk off his smug mug,” explains MBG head Nathan Fouts. “Each time you strike him down, he returns more virile than before, eventually becoming stronger than you can possibly imagine. Face off against Charlie in 69 ignominious iterations, allowing him to grow new appendages, weapons, and new abilities.”

Sheen allows players to take the fight online as well, with full Xbox Live support. It’s set for a December 2010 release date, so keep an eye out for that one. Press release after the jump. 

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