Shocker: Sony thinks the PS3 has a better 2008 line-up than the Xbox 360

In an absolutely groundbreaking move, Sony has declared that it has a better line-up of games this year than Microsoft! Stop the presses! Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss David Reeves made the claim, and promised that the PlayStation 3 has a “really good Christmas coming up.”

It can’t be denied that the black box o’ Blu-ray is finally bringing its big guns to the console war, as Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet all draw their battle lines. They will of course be going up against the Xbox 360’s own arsenal that will include Gears of War 2, Ninja Gaiden 2 and Fable 2. Reeves missed an excellent poo joke by not stating that the 360’s line-up is full of number twos.  

Reeves has also stated that the PS3 will “probably” have DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV as well, in an attempt to remove that particular feather from Microsoft’s cap. He also suggested that Microsoft paid such a high price for GTA‘s DLC because it was “the last shot they had.” He seems very confident that something is coming to PS3 fans eventually; “I’m honestly not going to make any comment on that because it’s too big a thing to… we can make an announcement when we make an announcement.”

After the PR disaster that was Sony in 2007, it can’t be denied that 2008 is certainly looking up for the company. What do you guys think? Does the PS3’s line-up of games make your pants wetter, or will it have to do more to make the rough n’ tumble adventures of Marcus Fenix and his steroid injectin’ pals look like sh*t?

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Jim Sterling