Shocker: No Xbox 360 price drop in the UK

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Oh what a surprise. Despite the United States and Japan enjoying some lovely price cuts on their Xbox 360s, it seems that the absurdly strong pound is just too tempting for Microsoft to pass up. That’s right, UK readers, you will be getting no price drop.

“Pricing is handled on a region-by-region basis,” stated an MS rep, presumably while wiping roasted swan gravy from his mouth with a hundred dollar bill. “We do not have a price drop in this region to announce.”

The Xbox 360 Arcade is now $199 in the US, but in the UK it’s priced at the USD equivalent of $281.35. That doesn’t strike me as especially fair, even with the UK’s ridiculous taxes. Come on Microsoft, I know the US economy is in bad shape, but we’re heading for a recession in Britain too y’know. Throw us a bloody bone here.

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