Shocker: Kids love violent videogames, want M-rated titles

A rather redundant study has shown that young people love adult-oriented videogames, with M-rated titles proving popular among filthy youths. Apparently, we needed research to conclude that people want sex, violence and swearing. 

310 kids aged 7-17 were studied by researchers from the University of Michigan and VU University in Amsterdam, and is being used to suggest that age ratings make a tempting “forbidden fruit” among young people. As is common with these studies, the methods used weren’t very scientific. Participants were given fictional game descriptions and asked which ones they liked the sound of. The stuff with stronger content was more desirable. 

While I question both the point and necessity of this study, I agree with its findings, mostly because the conclusion is bloody obvious. Every parent knows that if you tell children they can’t do something, that becomes the first thing they want to do. As we refuse to talk about violence and sex in society, we lend such things more power than they deserve, and turn them into alluring mysteries for children. 

Videogames are no different. Children are told they cannot play them, so what do you think they’re going to want to do? Never mind the most simple truth of all — young or old, people love vice.

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