Shock: Nintendo wants more people to buy Nintendo products

You might think that Nintendo pretty much holds complete dominance over the US market, but according to Nintendo exec and part-time cult leader Cammie Dunaway, the Big N is not dominant enough. Nintendo wants the Wii and the DS Lite to work together in a bid to crush American spirits and get its hardware into every home.

“We think that there’s huge untapped potential for the DS Lite,” stated the woman who can bend light with her smile. “Because when you’ve got only one in every five households in the U.S., compared to one in every two in Japan, it says there’s potential.”

“You’ve seen some of the work we’ve done this year with celebrities, that we’re bringing a lot of new consumers in to the DS. So I think there’s opportunity for both of them to coexist for some period of time.”

I do love the wording of that: Only one in five, as if that’s a pathetic amount. Out there somewhere, a PSP marketing executive is shaking his fist and shouting “LIMITED SYMPATHY!” 

James Stephanie Sterling