Shock! Horror! Lost Planet & Dead Rising don’t do well in Japan

Oh the surprise! The terror! The black voodoo! Could any of us have seen this coming a bloody mile away? Xbox 360 games don’t do very well … in JAPAN! That’s right, try and repair your collective ribcages after your heart exploded out of your chest in astoundment and attempt to comprehend it. Capcom’s hugely popular Lost Planet and Dead Rising games sold a bucketload over in the US and Europe, but only 10% of their overall sales came from the land of samurai and sexism.

Sarcasm aside, as unsurprising as it is, the idea of Capcom not even shifting 100,000 units in its home country is, quite frankly, abysmal. I’m no fan of either game, but both have enjoyed huge critical acclaim and popularity elsewhere in the world. When you think that Lost Planet and Dead Rising garnered 810,000 and 730,000 sales in the USA respectively, that’s a pretty marked difference.

Whatever reasons you might give for the Japanese ignorance of the Xbox 360 and its games – be it the fact it’s basically called The ‘No’box over there, the idea that the console’s too big or that Japanese gamers are just exhibiting their custom xenophobia and won’t put their hands on non-Japanese merchandise, I think most of us could agree on one thing — they’re just being very silly at this point. 

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