Shirt Woot has a new gaming shirt, will be gone before you finish reading this

As much as I love Shirt Woot, I have yet to buy anything from the site. Mostly because TopatoCo’s Dr. McNinja and White Ninja shirts have more than filled up my closet. Still, Shirt Woot gets some of the best designs around.

The latest shirt on sale at Shirt Woot is this Battle Fungale shirt, showing Mario and Yoshi taking on Bowser and his minions. Like most of the videogame shirts that appear on Shirt Woot, this will probably be completely sold out very soon. It’s only $10 so you better act fast!

And speaking of videogames and Woot, regular Woot has this PS3/Xbox 360 guitar on sale for $49.99. Neat.

Hamza Aziz