Shigeru Miyamoto’s sexual inadequacy and tear-stricken confession

While making my journey from the United Kingdom to the United States, I happened to pick up a copy of Edge magazine for the flight. Contained within was a very fascinating interview with game design legend Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of such classics as The Legend of Zelda and, of course, Wii Music.

The interview was deeply personal, perhaps one of the most confessional I have seen from the iconic designer. In fact, he opened up at one point with a shocking revelation that astounded myself. I am quite surprised that the story has not yet been picked up elsewhere, but Miyamoto admitted how his own shortcomings have influenced his game design, including one particular frustration that he very bravely confessed to:

“The one problem I’ve never been able to resolve is that while I wish I was good enough to perform for people, no matter how much I practiced I still feel that my instrument performance is not very good.” 

I understand that it must have taken some real nerve to be so honest, but Miyamoto’s willingness to admit to such deeply personal problems in a public forum has granted me a newfound respect for the man. I would like you all to join in my offering support for Miyamoto-San and his wife. It is obviously a relationship that has remained strong in the face of real adversity. 

I think I caught the right context.

Jim Sterling