Shield video game: Attention whoever made this piece of crap

Licensed games, there’s a reason they suck. Most of the time they are pathetic rush jobs and just an excuse to make an easy buck while never putting that much effort in quality control. I’m used to this, I understand the facts of life. In all my years of gaming, I’ve come to accept the culture of greed.

But, that doesn’t stop me hating whoever the f*ck was responsible for ruining my favorite show on TV, The Shield, with this awful video game version. OK, hate is a strong word, but still, whoever made this deserves a swift kick in the baby-making pouch. There are just certain things you don’t mess with and The Shield is one of them.

Think I’m joking around? Look at these videos of the gameplay. Pathetic, right? Next time, please, don’t even bother making a game based on such a kick-ass show like The Shield if you aren’t gonna do it right. I wish Vic Mackey were real and I wish he’d see this and give the people responsible for this a hot grill to the face.

More vids of this disaster after the jump. 

Robert Summa