Shepard to be sexually assaulted by Subject Zero in ME2

A combination of lack of time and other games drawing me away has meant that my copy of Mass Effect has laid dormant on my shelf since about the time the game launched, but considering the badassness of Mass Effect 2‘s new character Subject Zero, I’m considering putting all other games on hold and playing through it simply so I can catch up with the story and get to watch her kicking ass throughout Mass Effect 2.

The video above reveals the new character in the game, who previous screens have not revealed. She is clearly a badass, biatch who doesn’t only talk back to Shepard, but tries to sexually harass him. That’s right people! Get your scandals ready, because there is clearly rape in Mass Effect 2. You can’t see the rest of the scene above, but I think we all know where it’s going. They had graphic sex in the last game and there’s only one way to take that up another level. Are you reading this, mainstream media? The time to jump is now before people get to play the actual game and find out no such thing occurs.

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