Shen’s Last Gift is XCOM 2’s Last DLC (for now)

Johnny 5 is alive…and well-armed

Ready for more XCOM 2 DLC? I wasn’t, frankly speaking, because whenever a new pack drops I get an irresistible urge to start again fresh. At this rate, I’ll never see plasma weapons!

And yet, the packs keep coming, with the newest one, Shen’s Last Gift, capping off the game’s first round of DLC (Firaxis have hinted at potential plans for future “expansion pack”-style content). Commanders who picked up the “Reinforcement Pack” expansion pass thing around launch will get it for free, just like the Anarchy’s Children and Alien Hunters packs. Shen’s Last Gift promises a bit more than those, though, as it includes a brand new soldier class on top of a new narrative mission featuring XCOM Chief Engineer Lily Shen, as well as a suite of new mechanics and customization options. 

As expected, the new soldier class is based on the MEC from XCOM: Enemy Within, but rather than the cyborg soldiers of that expansion, the MECs here are fully robotic and look like a cross between XCOM 2‘s Gremlin drone and a hulked-out Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. Check out the trailer below.

Josh Tolentino
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