Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing!

I know for a fact that none of you have been paying attention to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, and really why should you? Um, maybe because RYO HAZUKI IS IN IT!? That’s right, the Shenmue star is making his grand return in the most unlikely of fashions, appearing as a racer in Sega’s upcoming crossover game.

Sega made the announcement in a brand new trailer for the game, showing Ryo taking on the likes of Dr. Robotnik from the back of his trusty chopper. It’s something I don’t think anybody has ever expected to see in the history of ever, so I highly suggest you click that video and watch Shenmue‘s hero in action.

And yes, he DOES ride a forklift truck in the video as well.

This is literally unbelievable.

He shall appear from a far eastern land across the sea, a young man who has yet to know his potential… And he’ll be driving a badass motorcycle.

Ryo Hazuki, star of the Shenmue series returns in his first playable appearance since Shenmue 2 to join the ranks of the SEGA All-Stars as part of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.

Ryo, protagonist of the Shenmue series and one of the most requested SEGA character to make an appearance in All-Stars Racing will be riding his borrowed motorcycle around classic SEGA themed race tracks. And when a motorcycle just can’t cut it, Ryo unleashes his All-Star move and is able to swap vehicles to his iconic forklift truck to charge and barge opponents out of the way!

The Shenmue series, the story of a son’s quest for vengeance, began life in 1999 as the killer-app for the SEGA Dreamcast.  Originally developed by the legendary Yu Suzuki for SEGA, Ryo has yet to gain his revenge but he’s certainly no stranger to motorcycle racing and is sure to make a formidable adversary for Sonic, AiAi, Dr. Eggman and the other All-Stars.

James Stephanie Sterling