Shenmue III’s second DLC is more story-oriented

‘Story Quest Pack’

Just last month we got a Battle Rally [Race] DLC for Shenmue III, but the next add-on in the pipeline looks a little more meaty.

It’s called “Story Quest Pack,” and contains what the publisher claims is “mystery, intrigue and action,” which is basically what Shenmue does best. It’s out on February 18, and will herald in a new questline that centers around Zhang Shugin: a character that was featured in Shenmue II. The pack won’t break the bank: it’s $4.99 on both PC and PS4.

In all I’m kind of in awe at Shenmue III, and its audacity to simply exist. While it could have better pacing, it’s true to its roots and didn’t try to do anything more. That might turn off some people, especially those who didn’t grow up with the series, but you have to give it to Yu Suzuki: not many creators would have the balls to do something like that in 2019.

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