Shenmue fans to mass-mail Sega capsule toys

Don’t get me wrong: I loved Shenmue and its sequel. I was always a Sega kid, and it was a thrill playing both of these titles, weird stretched texture faces and all. And yes, I would love to play a game of Lucky Hit with you.

But give it up, guys. Sega is not going to give us all the last game of the “trilogy.” They’re too busy f*cking up Sonic games to do that. As much as I’d love to see a third title come out, it probably isn’t happening, and you sending a sh*t ton of capsule toys their way isn’t going to change their mind.

Regardless of what I think, Shenmue fans are proceeding with the mass-mailing of toy capsules to Sega in hopes that a huge pile of toys (and accompanying requests) will weigh heavily on their minds. The official MySpace page of this project gives crazed fans everything they need to toy-bomb Sega. The whole thing kicks off on Nov. 27th (Dreamcast’s anniversary) and ends on Dec. 29th (Shenmue’s 9th anniversary).

Aw, f*ck it. I have some extra gashapon lying around. I’ll send one, too. What could it hurt? Maybe Sega could melt them all down and make a huge plastic Shenmue-themed statue or something. I think that’s more likely than a new game, but you never know.

[Via ThatVideogameBlog]

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