Shenmue daddy Yu Suzuki steps down at Sega

Remember when Shenmue and Virtua Fighter creator Yu Suzuki was the sh*t? He still is in my book. But back then you would always hear about him being attacked by geeky fans as he got out of Ferrari in a parking lot somwehere. That Ferrari was probably bought with Sega money, money he earned as a R&D creative office for the company. He was like their all-star player.

Now the famed game creator is stepping down, says Gamespot. Sega says that Suzuki will stay on with the publisher in a diminished capacity, still managing the R&D department for Sega’s AM Plus division. But probably not much else. It’s what we’d call “retired.”

Hats off to the creator of some of my favorite games. I still play Space Harrier to this day. And Out Run is a classic that I’ll always cherish — and the sequel is pretty good, too.  I think I liked everything he made except for the arcade game Ferrari F355 Challenge — I could never even finish the first track!

Wait, retiring at age 50? Not bad, man. But if you ask me, you could have held in there a few more years and made Shenmue 3.

Dale North