Shenmue 3 physical PS4 copies up for grabs on Kickstarter

If you can part with $60

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I haven’t been following Shenmue 3 too closely on Kickstarter, but my fingers are crossed for director Yu Suzuki. I hope the project turns out the way he envisions it and fans are satisfied (as if that’s even possible). Today’s Kickstarter update is a big one for those of you considering chipping in: backers who commit to $60 or more can opt for a physical copy of the game on PlayStation 4.

The disc will come packaged in “an exclusive, backer-only case” whether you choose PS4 or PC, and you’ll also “be able to participate in surveys and vote in polls for the ideas you want to see in the game.” If you’re fine with a digital copy, the minimum tier for either platform is $29.

Where’s that $10,000 forklift tier?

PlayStation 4 Physical Reward Confirmed! [Kickstarter]

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