Shelter 2’s latest trailer will thaw the coldest of hearts

Pre-orders now available, stackable disounts for Shelter owners

I was reminded of Might and Delight’s upcoming abstract adventure game Shelter 2 the other evening as I was winding my way up into the snowy, North Carolina highlands at dusk. As I made the last few icy turns approaching my destination, I looked out the window to my left and noticed a muscular feline form slipping into the treeline. It paused for a moment, its body standing stock still, only turning its head to track the movement of my vehicle as I passed by.

It was, of course, a bobcat — the pointy, tufted ears and wiry frame a dead giveaway. As I drove on, I began to think about Shelter 2 and daydreamed for a moment about what the game might be like. I suppose I don’t have all that long to wait to find out, though. As Jordan posted earlier, after a minor change in release dates, Shelter 2 is now on track for March 9, 2015.

Might and Delight has a lovely new trailer to coincide with the opening of pre-orders for the game, which you can see above. It follows the journey of a group of adult lynx as they travel together across the snowy plains. We’re also treated to scenes of beautiful mountain vistas and the gorgeously rendered lowlands, and an unusual scene where a lone lynx walks through the forest in darkness, strangely humanoid constellations shining in the night sky above.

Of particular note is the scene of the mother lynx and her adorable litter of kits nestled together to stay warm in their cozy den. It isn’t that often videogames can elicit a genuine emotional response from me, but the pull on my heartstrings in this instance was undeniable.

Those who pre-order Shelter 2 on Steam and will unlock an alternate appearance for the mother lynx based on the Iberian variant of the cat, as well as a copy of the full musical score, written and performed by Retro Family. Currently, there’s a 10% discount for pre-purchase and an additional 20% off for those who own the original Shelter.

Rob Morrow