She hasn’t put clothes on yet: New X-Blades screenshots

The prudish Nick Chester first informed us of X-Blades, a new action title from Southpeak Games due for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Main character Ayumi is still as bare skinned as ever, with the kind of carefully draped rags that a pervert could merely wish away.

Southpeak Games promises “beautiful animation” and “relentless, high speed gameplay” involving the use of Ayumi’s pistol blades and magical spells. There will also be anime cutscenes, which you can’t sniff at, really.

X-Blades is looking and sounding like a very standard action game, but that’s fine by me. I’m always up for some generic third person exploration and combat, which is why I’ve been keeping an eye on X-Blades. I don’t expect it to revolutionize the gaming industry, but if it delivers a solid experience, I really couldn’t care much for desperate attempts at “innovation.”

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