Shawn White Snowboarding ugly-ass sweater contest winners announced

We gave you a week to throw on your worst holiday sweater and share it with Destructoid for one of five copies of the Target Limited edition Shawn White Snowboarding for Xbox 360. While all the entries were sufficiently ugly, the voting made it clear who the winners would be. 

Most of the editors said that if there was a top spot (and there’s not), Teen Idol and Snotrocket would have tied for it. I liked both of theirs, but Hamsalad‘s sweater and pose was a personal favorite. Happy pandas. The garb of sirjester also got some love from our editors. But I have to take my proverbial hat (Santa hat?) off for RAB‘s “Gentleman Dinosaur” picture, complete with a Chocobo holding a Dtoid sign. If we had bonus points, I’d hand them out for Chocobo use. And that sweater? That’s something that you’d see a 60-year-old grandma wearing at the weekend craft fair. Yikes.

And… why is your belt unbuckled?

Thanks to all that entered! Winners, enjoy your free game.

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