Shatter’s fantastic soundtrack available for download

I’ve been gushing over the Shatter soundtrack ever since I saw the first trailer for the game, yet I somehow missed the news that the soundtrack was released over a week ago.

The soundtrack was created by artist Module in collaboration with Sidhe, the creators of Shatter. Module worked on the score for over a year to ensure that the music would flow with the game’s look and feel. Module describes his soundtrack by saying that it “conjures up feelings of 80’s new wave, stadium rock and intergalactic space rock opera.” Neat!

The soundtrack is over 90 minutes long and it’s JUST $9.99 to purchase. Best of all, you don’t have to buy blind. The entire soundtrack is online for you to stream and check out.

Oh, and Shatter — the game — is f**king awesome, too. Pick up the game while you’re at it. 

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