SharkBite Classic Roblox Game Guide
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SharkBite Classic codes

These SharkBite Classic codes will silence the Jaws theme song with some amazing freebies!

Whether you are a fan or an avid hater of sharks, SharkBite Classic has something for everyone. Be the beast of the sea and chase the violent fishermen, or turn the tides and make the aquatic predator into prey.

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Whether you are a shark or a human, you’ll need all the help you can get. This is where SharkBite Classic codes come into play. Gain Shark Teeth to boost the shark’s swimming or the tiny human’s shooting and driving skills. If you want to play more games with shark-infested waters, check out our list of Fishing Simulator codes.

All SharkBite Classic codes list

Active SharkBite Classic codes 

  • RGBSHARK—Redeem for 80 Shark Teeth
  • SHARKBITE2—Redeem for 200 Shark Teeth 
  • 1BILLION—Redeem code for 100 Shark Teeth
  • SimonsSpace—Redeem code for 50 Shark Teeth
  • FROGGYBOAT—Redeem code for 50 Shark Teeth
  • DUCKYRAPTOR—Redeem code for 50 Shark Teeth

Expired SharkBite Classic codes

  • LegendaryGun!
  • NewShark
  • EditShark!
  • NewGun
  • mosasaurus
  • SwimingLizard

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How to redeem codes in SharkBite Classic

Redeeming codes in SharkBite Classic is simple. Follow our instructions, and you’ll receive your rewards in seconds:

SharkBite Classic Code Redemption Roblox Game
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  1. Launch SharkBite Classic on Roblox.
  2. Click the Twitter bird icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Insert your code in the empty text box.
  4. Hit Redeem and get your freebies.

How to get more codes in SharkBite Classic

If you want to get the latest SharkBite Classic codes, make sure you bookmark the article (CTRL+D). We keep up with all the newest codes and add them here as soon as they drop.

However, if you want to explore the seas of social media and find freebies by yourself, you can check the developer’s official X account (@AbracadabraRBLX) and the Abracadabra Discord server.

Why are my SharkBite codes not working?

Always remember to double-check your SharkBite Classic codes for potential spelling errors after you enter them. The codes contain numbers, special characters, and capital letters, so it can be easy to make typos. We recommend copying the codes from this article and pasting them directly into the text box to prevent issues. Moreover, you should do so as soon as possible to avoid dealing with expired codes.

Other ways to get free rewards in SharkBite Classic

Besides redeeming SharkBite Classic codes, the second best way of getting rewards is by winning games! Either take control of the human and successfully hunt down the shark with your friends, or be the greatest natural predator and eat everyone without remorse.

What is SharkBite Classic?

It is a tale as old as time—a human versus a beast. In SharkBite Classic, embark on a wild shark hunt with your friends on various boats and at different locations to smite the beast of the sea. If being a fisherman is not up your alley, don’t worry—one player is randomly chosen to be the vile shark and gets to fight back against the landlubbers. Sink their ships and eat their weapons in extraordinary fashion as the king or queen of the waters. Once and for all, prove which side is stronger—the land or the sea.

If you want even more freebies for your other games, look through our Roblox Codes section here on Destructoid and get all the codes before they expire!

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