Sharing or no sharing, Persona 5 brings the memes

Can’t stop the #Millenials

Atlus may have effectively banned in-depth streaming for Persona 5, but that won’t stop people from turning arguably the most anticipated JRPG of the last few years into a meme machine. 

In the few days since the game’s release, in fact, the game’s gone so viral you’d think no sharing features were disabled at all, if not for the phone-quality screenshots most folks are forced to take. For my money, people taking photos of their TVs makes me feel almost nostalgic for the days before every piece of hardware we played on came with built-in recording and sharing tools.

Anyway, we’ve also taken a tiny sampling of some of our favorite #content, arranged for your convenience below. 

A warning: I’ve tried to remove all plot spoilers from the roundup, though the truly spoiler-sensitive may want to shy away if they absolutely don’t want to see anything from the game proper.

Persona 5 allows players to come up with their own names for their group of thieves, so naturally, people went clowning around with that stuff:

Others continued to harp on the game’s somewhat controversial localization, matching some of the clangers with the many expressions of Vince McMahon:

And still others had a bit of fun comparing the happy-go-lucky tone of Persona 4 with Persona 5‘s edgy atmosphere:

Of course, the above bits are more “viral” than outright memetic, by some measures, in which case one of the more versatile bits of culture to emerge from Persona 5‘s debut is how folks have latched onto its sense of style. The game’s absurdly busy UI and battle interface were quickly extracted by intrepid fans, and applied to all manner of situations:

And that’s just a small fraction of the sheer volume of stuff excited gamers are putting out. If you’ve got a few favorites, share ’em with us for yuks and chuckles, why don’t you?

Josh Tolentino
When not posting about Japanese games or Star Trek, Josh served as Managing Editor for Japanator. Now he mostly writes for Destructoid's buddies at Siliconera, but pops back in on occasion.