Shaq promoting Counter Strike is equal parts amazing and terrible

‘I have a PHD in CS:GO’

I can still recall going to LAN cafes with friends and clamoring for Unreal Tournament and being outvoted for Counterstrike, and the legacy lives on. The newest iteration, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (also known as CS:GO) is still a massive hit worldwide, and now even Shaq wants a piece of that pie.

In a commercial for ELEAGUE, Shaq hams it up with a series of skits that involve him green-screened into the game, most of which are hilariously and amazingly bad. I mean, he had to know what he was getting into here ($$), and given Shaq’s history of basically doing whatever he feels like, it looks like he’s having fun.

Maybe the new Shaq-Fu will be an eSport?

Chris Carter
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