Shape of the World seems like a relaxing way to literally give shape to the world

Switch version just revealed today

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Aggressive terraformation mechanics never get old. “Ooohhh, I summoned the earth to appear simply by walking near it!” That sort of god complex always has some novelty to it.

Shape of the World capitalizes on that in the most low-key way possible. It’s a game that’s billed as “relaxing exploration.” It looks like a lot of wandering, and then interacting with the wildlife that you’ve materialized. The artistic aesthetic seems like it’ll push people toward seeing more.

Developer Hollow Tree has already proven that there’s something of a market for this game. Shape of the World was Kickstarted in 2015 for approximately $60,000. Now it’s almost ready to debut on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and, as was just announced today, Switch. It releases sometime this spring. That’s when you can create a whole new world.

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