Shantae is finally getting her Nendoroid, and its inevitably super-cute

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While Good Smile Company’s catalogue of delightful Nendoroid toys is well into three figures, it is staggering to believe that WayForward’s cute genie gal Shantae was still yet to join the roster. After all, The Half-Genie Hero seems custom designed for such pint-sized stylization.

Well, after years of longing, Good Smile has finally opened pre-orders on the new Nendo of the purple-haired wonder, ready to come dancing out of the screen and onto your toy shelf. As is the case for all Nendoroids, Shantae stands around four inches in height and features dynamically poseable limbs, so you can have our gal cutting a rug in any way you choose.

In terms of accessories, Shantae comes complete with a stand and three separate faceplates, offering her a cute smile, a cheeky wink, or as much of an “angry face” as she can muster… Somebody gon’ get a hair-whuppin’. Shantae also has alternate arms posed for dancing, pointing, and fireball flinging, as well as a replacement ponytail in freeform whip action. As the cherry on the cake, Shantae is accompanied by a teeny figurine, reflecting her Monkey form from the smash hit series. Adorbs.

If you fancy inviting the Shantae Nendo into your home, then she is available to pre-order from the Good Smile Co. website and other dedicated merch retailers, priced at ¥8,900, (roughly $57), not including shipping or any potential customs charges. The Shantae Nendoroid is expected to ship in summer 2023.

Now we just need to get Rotty, Risky and other friends in the mix.

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