Shadows of Doubt’s first big content update Cheats and Liars comes September 25

Uh, there’s just one more thing.

Shadows of Doubt Cheats and Liars

ColePowered Games has announced that their procedural detective game, Shadows of Doubt, will get its first big content update on September 25. The Cheats and Liars update will not only come with some bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, but it will also let you investigate infidelity.

Shadows of Doubt released into Early Access this past April. It casts you as a private investigator in a randomly generated chunk of city. Beyond the simple placement of buildings, every citizen, along with their home, workplace, and routine, are generated, as are the crimes. When I reviewed it during its Early Access release, I found the game intriguing and the random generation to be rather impressive. However, it was as buggy as an abandoned brothel, and I found myself having to try and play around them.

That’s what Early Access is for, but Cheats and Liars is exactly the sort of thing I was waiting for before diving in again to see how it’s progressing. The new update will feature additional investigation jobs, a new hotel building (complete with a rooftop bar), localization improvements, and support for Nvidia DLSS.

“With a very different type of case to investigate, I hope players enjoy checking into the hotel and discovering all the new features and improvements offered by the Cheats and Liars update.”

Cole Jefferies, Developer

Shadows of Doubt is available now via Steam Early Access. The Cheats and Liars update releases on September 25, 2023.

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