Shadows of Doubt investigates Early Access April 24

Shadows of Doubt

Get your magnifying glass ready

Fireshine Games has announced that ColePowered Games’ sandbox detective game, Shadows of Doubt will be hitting Steam Early Access on April 24, 2023. This follows an impressive demo released for Steam Next Fest this past February.

Shadows of Doubt puts you in the wingtips of a private investigator and lets you loose on a sci-fi city to try and track down a serial killer. You gather evidence, pursue leads, and solve crimes.

Early Access is slated to include a case that introduces the game, titled “The Dead of Night,” and a sandbox mode with an endless number of cases. A roadmap should be revealed soon, and the full release is targeting sometime this year.

Destructoid’s resident hair-haver, Eric Van Allen, looked into the demo recently and came away enthused. I think. I heard him get excited, then saw the premise of the game, then became very excited myself. So I haven’t read the article or looked into any more information on the game because I’m so jazzed that I want to stay blind until I can wrap my muscly fingers around it for myself.

I love detective games, and procedural design is great when it’s employed well. ColePowered Games are tackling an extremely ambitious concept with Shadows of Doubt, which won’t be easy to pull off. My fingers are tightly crossed that this lives up to it potential.

Shadows of Doubt will release on Steam Early Access for PC on April 24, 2023. The full release is aiming for this year.

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