Shadow Warrior 3 hits PlayStation Now on launch day

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Oooooh, I’m looking forward to Shadow Warrior 3. Definitely up for the cathartic chaos of the old ultra-violence following a string of incredibly precise action titles. And if you’re excited for Flying Wild Hog’s latest, (and you’re a PlayStation player), then Devolver Digital has some good news for you.

PlayStation Now subscribers will be able to play Shadow Warrior 3 on day one, as the bombastic sequel will be arriving on the game streaming service on March 1, the same day that it hits the market on PC and Xbox. So, if you’re a PlayStation Now user, you already have everything you need, locked ‘n’ loaded, to jump into Lo Wang’s latest adventure. That’s pretty neat.

As you can see from the brand new gameplay video above, Shadow Warrior 3 will feature all of the explosive action, ridiculous weaponry, and dumbass humor typical of the Shadow Warrior franchise. Guide Lo Wang through a series of hazardous, mutant-filled wastelands on a quest to save Neo-Feudal Japan from an apocalyptic dragon that… erm… our boy has accidentally awakened.

The sequel is, frankly, looking to be a straight-up riot. Amidst the high drama and strategic combative precision of recent releases such as Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring, Shadow Warrior 3 looks to be a little more anarchic, aiming to scratch those itchy trigger fingers.

Shadow Warrior 3 launches on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms on March 1.

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