Shadow of the Tomb Raider officially revealed, coming in September without a timed Xbox exclusive window

Will ‘conclude’ Lara’s origin

Due to various leaks we knew a third Tomb Raider game was coming, but thanks to an official reveal we have a little more info on what that exactly entails.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be the “conclusion” of Lara Croft’s massive three-game reboot origin, which is not unlike the origin that’s been featured in the old series and two film franchises. It seems like that good ol’ Xbox exclusivity is no longer a thing, as Shadow of the Tomb Raider will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 14, 2018. April 27 is the “full reveal” date.

If I haven’t made it known already Crystal Dynamics has been doing a fantastic job with the reboot series, and I’m excited to see if Eidos is going to take any risks with the third outing. The most interesting bit for me though is how swiftly Square Enix struck down that previous Xbox timed exclusivity — will they avoid the “disappointing” early multi-million sales figures this time? Cast that wide net Square Enix!

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