Shadow of Mordor’s first DLC has vomiting monsters

And other stuff too, I guess

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was reminiscent of a summer blockbuster, keeping me on seat’s edge throughout, only to be virtually forgotten upon seeing the credits roll. But say you’re still under its spell, well, perhaps Warner Bros. can interest you in the “Lord of the Hunt” expansion.

The upcoming downloadable content pack sees Sauron set loose a bunch of beastmaster warchiefs with designs on exterminating the monsters of Mordor for some reason. Of course, Talion and dwarven hunter buddy Torvin won’t have any of that, and bloodshed ensues.

The publisher vaunts a list of new features, including new story, enemies, monsters, missions, and clothing for Talion. Really, though, it all pales in comparison to that vomiting graug.

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