Shadow Complex dev reveals Unreal Engine 3 iDevice game

During Apple’s live event today, Epic Games president revealed its first iDevice game, which will be powered by the Unreal Engine 3. It’s codenamed “Project Sword,” and it’s being developed by Chair Entertainment, the folks behind the supremely awesome Xbox Live Arcade title, Shadow Complex.

As the codename suggests, Project Sword is a one-on-one sword fighting game. The game will support multiplayer and Apple’s Game Center achievements. It also happens to look absolutely stunning, but why don’t you see for yourself? If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad, a demo of the Unreal Engine running on iOS 4 on iTunes right freakin’ now. It’s called “Epic Citadel,” but you can find it by searching “Project Sword.” Or, you can just get it here; full details on the demo project, which took about eight weeks to develop, can also be found online.

What do you think? Impressed?

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