SFII HD Remix and Bionic Commando for XBLA won’t suffer file size restrictions

Many people have been worried that the Xbox 360 versions of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Bionic Commando: Rearmed would be lower-quality titles compared to the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the games. Both games are offering a lot of new content on top of all the HD stuff, so this was causing both games to go over Microsoft’s file size limit on XBLA games.

Capcom reassured everyone earlier in the week that this is not the case anymore. Capcom and Microsoft have been working very closely with each other and Microsoft has allowed for both of these titles to have slightly bigger file sizes than the normal standard. 

I have to wonder if Microsoft will ever do away with the restrictions. We haven’t heard of issues like this that much in the past, but I wonder how many XBLA titles lost something along the way due to the file size restriction. 

Hamza Aziz