Sexy SOCOM headset screens

Headsets seem to be the norm when it comes to extras that accompany big PS3 online games. Bundled with every specially marked box of SOCOM: Confrontation is a very sleek Bluetooth headset.

The headset’s color is a silky flat black, with precious decal work on the side. The Sony PlayStation logo has never looked so refined. Notice the smooth curvature of the earpiece. It is style and comfort redefined. It practically screams, “Wear me!” Now observe the delicate button work, sure to satisfy any lucky consumer clicking the power button. Finally, check out the stand. Its noble base beckons the frag-tired player to relax, and quit screaming at children for a few hours.

For the refined gamer, this is a must-have. Unfortunately, as elegant as the headset is, it cannot hide the smell of body odor after a long night of spawn-camping, nor can it make anyone appear better to the opposite sex. Regardless, check out the gallery below for a few stunning screenshots of the tender hearing device that is set to ship October 14, this year.

[Via GamePro –- Thanks, Buck!]

Brad BradNicholson