Sexism alive and well in Chinese gaming

Perfect World, an MMO developer based in Beijing, seems to think that the year is 1950. Their Chinese fantasy MMORPG World 2 is set to open a female-only server group in the near future that, as the title implies, will only allow for female players. While this will definitely cut down on the amount of e-necking that occurs in-game, these poor ladies will never get dates to the sockhop if they are segregated this way. Some of the boys might even start to think they’re *gasp* squares!

Allusions to an era even before that of your parents aside, this seems like the kind of bizarrely PC gesture that goes well beyond the spirit of the movement and just ends up being offensive. Women gamers might like the idea of getting away from the creepy, sexless, juvenile male gamers, but who’s to say that male gamers wouldn’t also want to get away from the girls who spend their time flirting and whoring themselves out for virtual attention? Segregating gaming servers is not only bound to fail (How do they plan to authenticate this? Will they be inspecting your genitals on login?), it’s the kind of idea that would draw a tremendous backlash from the ACLU and Gloria Steinem if it wasn’t occurring only in Red China.

Maybe I’m totally off-base though; Do any of you female gamers want servers of your own? If so, why don’t we create servers only for people with IQs above 125? If that works, why don’t we create servers only for white people?

Can you see why this might not be the best idea? 

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